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Cardiac Solutions will continue to be the leader providing quality cardiac care, utilizing a personalized, team-oriented approach, and promoting wellness through education, innovation and technology.

More Heart Healthy Tips From Your Favorite Phoenix Cardiologists!

Heart Monitor

  • Is stress putting you at risk for a heart attack? The Chicago Tribune reports on how your commute and job can be contributing to a future heart problem.
  • The Mayo Clinic provides an overview of heart attack symptoms and warning signs.
  • Arrhythmia constitutes irregular heart beating that may lead to more serious cardiac problems. WebMD explains this condition.
  • In some cases, a pacemaker may be used to monitor and regulate heart rhythm. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute helps readers better understand how a pacemaker aids heart function.
  • An important part of maintaining your heart health is establishing an open dialogue with your heart doctor. details how to effectively communicate with your healthcare provider.

Cardiac Solutions is a full-service heart clinic in Phoenix. Our team can see to it that you receive the comprehensive care you need for a long and healthy future. To learn more about the services that our cardiologists provide, call (623) 876-8816 or visit our website.


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