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Blog Posts in October, 2013

Happy Halloween from Cardiac Solutions!

Happy Halloween from Cardiac Solutions! Don't eat too many sweets and stay safe out there!
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A Look at Different Types of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a generic term that refers to afflictions that affect the heart and cardiovascular system. Understanding your form of heart disease or those for which you are at the greatest risk can ...
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Setting Heart Healthy Diet Goals

Maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet are excellent ways to protect your heart. Changing your diet can be achieved through small alterations such as including more fruits and ...
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Caring for Your Heart in the Wintertime

Heart disease remains one of the top health threats facing Americans today. During the winter, exerting yourself in colder temperatures puts extra stress on your heart and your cardiovascular system. ...
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Preparing for an EKG

An EKG is a medical test that measures the electrical activity inside your heart. During this exam, the electrical impulses of your heart are transformed into a visual diagram that your cardiologist ...
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Can You Still Drink Coffee Following a Heart Attack?

After a heart attack, you may need to make lifestyle and dietary changes to improve your heart health and reduce the risk of a second cardiac event. Your cardiologist will explain your specific needs ...
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Stay Up To Date on CPR Guidelines With This Great Clip!

With the holidays quickly approaching and family coming together, it's not a bad idea to brush up or even learn CPR. Take a look at this great clip to learn more!
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Cardiac Solutions Teams Up with Bob Quick's Journeys!

Cardiac Solutions is teaming up with Bob Quick's Journey? in raising money for a great cause! From now until Bob Quick reaches St. Augustine, FL, Cardiac Solutions will donate $1.00 for every new ...
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It's Physician Assistant Appreciation Week!

It’s Physician Assistant Appreciation Week! We are so grateful for our wonderful team of PA’s here at Cardiac Solutions. Has one of our Physician Assistants made a positive impact in your ...
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Tips for Managing Your Blood Pressure

Good blood pressure is an important part of overall heart health. High blood pressure puts your health at risk at any age, but a few changes can keep your numbers in the “excellent” range. ...
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Electrophysiology Services Offered by Cardiac Solutions

The heart is controlled by electrical activity that allows it to beat and circulate blood throughout your body. When the heart’s electrical activity is abnormal, your cardiologist may suggest an ...
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