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Blog Posts in September, 2013

Causes and Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary heart disease occurs when the arteries that transport blood to your heart become narrower due to the buildup of plaque inside them. This condition occurs slowly, worsening over the course of ...
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Canned Food Drive for St. Vincent De Paul Food Bank

Cardiac Solutions is joining in a canned food drive for St. Vincent De Paul Food Bank! We are taking contributions of canned & boxed food at all our locations. This is a wonderful organization ...
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High Blood Pressure and Your Heart

Blood pressure is a measure of the pressure exerted on your arteries by the flow of blood. One in three Americans suffers from high blood pressure, which puts excess pressure on arterial walls and ...
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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when blood flow to your heart becomes blocked, causing tissue to die. The symptoms of a heart attack should never be ignored, and emergency medical help must be sought ...
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A Look at Left Heart Catheterization Procedures

Left heart catheterization may be used for either diagnosis or treatment of problems with your heart. During the procedure, a thin tube called a catheter is inserted into the left side of your heart ...
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Flowers from Happy Patients!

Our Peoria front office staff received flowers and a thank you card from a patient of ours that needed help finding a primary care physician, and they took time out to help him find one. Thank you for ...
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Manage Your Blood Pressure with this Helpful Clip!

Did you know that if you have high blood pressure, you are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease and six times more likely to have a stroke than people with normal blood pressure? Bring ...
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Cardiac Solutions: Our Providers

At Cardiac Solutions, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience, and dedication to your health. Our providers include a team of 17 cardiologists who have obtained degrees from respected ...
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HDL vs. LDL Cholesterol

Cholesterol is found in the food you eat and created by your body’s own natural processes. There are two types of cholesterol: HDL and LDL cholesterol. Often, HDL cholesterol is called ...
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Cardiac Solutions Is Mobile-Friendly!

We are happy to announce that our main website is now mobile-friendly ! Be sure to check it out on your smart phone today!
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