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Cardiac Solutions will continue to be the leader providing quality cardiac care, utilizing a personalized, team-oriented approach, and promoting wellness through education, innovation and technology.

Cardiac Solutions' Heart Failure Management Clinic

Heart failure is a serious health condition, but with the right tools and proper management, you can effectively manage your symptoms and enjoy a very satisfied life.  Cardiac Solutions offers a Heart Failure Program for the residents of Glendale, Sun City, Sun City West, Peoria, Avondale, and the surrounding communities. Our Heart Failure Program is a multifaceted service that focuses on teaching each heart failure patient how to manage his or her condition with a combination of healthy lifestyle habits, education for both the patient and their caregiver as well as manage medications. Your diet can directly impact the severity of your heart failure, so our Heart Failure Program offers information about what foods can help or hurt cardiac health. Our clinicians also manage heart failure medications very closely.

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Heart failure doesn’t have to impede your quality of life. Let Cardiac Solutions in Peoria give you the tools you need to keep your heart failure under control. For more information on our Heart Failure Program, call (623) 208-5305 today.

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