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The History of CPR

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a technique used to circulate oxygenated blood through the body if the heart stops beating. The goal of CPR is to maintain the body until the heart can be restarted by an emergency medic or heart doctor using a defibrillator.

The earliest form of CPR consisted of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, first used in 1740. However, the concept of chest compressions was not developed until 1891. Throughout the following decades, these techniques were redefined and rediscovered until modern CPR was developed in 1960. You can learn more about the history of CPR and how it has shaped modern medicine in this short video.

At Cardiac Solutions, we are dedicated to your heart health. You can learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions in Phoenix, including atrial fibrillation and coronary artery disease, when you visit our website or call (623) 876-8816.

Are You a Cardiac Surgery Candidate?

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While many heart conditions can be managed through exercise, medication, and lifestyle modification, some issues are best treated through vascular surgery. If your heart doctor believes you may benefit from cardiac surgery, he will first determine whether you are a surgery candidate. Younger patients are often better vascular surgery candidates because they can heal more quickly. However, your general health will also play a role in your candidacy—any patient in good health may be a good surgical candidate. Additionally, you must also be able and willing to commit to any lifestyle changes that may be necessary following surgery, such as a modified diet or exercise regimen. If you have questions about vascular surgery and your candidacy, talk to your heart doctor near Phoenix for personalized information and advice.

Cardiac Solutions is dedicated to matching patients with the appropriate treatment options for congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, and more. You can get the answers you need about managing cardiovascular disease in Phoenix on our website or by calling our clinic at (623) 876-8816.

What Is Cardiac Catheterization?

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If you suffer from heart disease, your heart doctor may want a more accurate picture of your heart. Cardiac catheterization is a minimally-invasive vascular surgery procedure that cardiologists use to visualize the arteries of the heart, including any blockages that may affect them. After your procedure, the information obtained during cardiac catheterization will be used to develop a personalized treatment plan.

The Catheterization Procedure
During cardiac catheterization, a small, flexible tube is fed into the heart via your circulatory system. This tube is typically inserted through a large blood vessel in another part of the body, such as the groin, arm, neck, or leg. The catheter is threaded through the blood vessels and into the heart; once in place, dye can be released into the heart via the catheter to make the blood vessels inside the heart visible during X-ray imaging. Alternatively, ultrasound may be used to image the heart and its blood vessels for better visualization. As a patient, you will be awake and aware during the procedure; however, you will be given a local anesthetic at the catheter insertion point, as well as a sedative to help you feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable.

Treatment During Catheterization
In some cases, treatments can be administered during the cardiac catheterization process. Your heart doctor can use the catheter to insert tools to clear blockages or widen a narrowed heart valve for improved blood flow and heart function. If you suffer from a heart arrhythmia, your doctor may use a special tool to selectively destroy small clusters of cells and restore a normal heartbeat. Tissue samples can also be taken from the heart muscle directly and removed via the catheter for further testing.

At Cardiac Solutions, we offer cardiac catheterization and other vascular surgery solutions to best meet your heart health needs. You can check out our website to learn more about what to expect from diagnostic procedures such as cardiac catheterization or an echocardiogram near Phoenix, or contact our clinic at (623) 876-8816 to discuss the heart conditions we treat.

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