• Keys to a Heart Healthy Diet

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    The New Year can be your chance to start a new heart healthy diet! Your cardiovascular wellbeing depends in large part from what you eat. While nourishing meals can provide essential nutrients to your heart, unhealthy dishes can increase your risk for high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and heart attack . To start off 2013 right, keep in mind the following suggestions for a heart healthy diet:

    Stock up on fruits and vegetables
    An important part of a well-balanced and heart healthy eating regimen is fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and antioxidants that can aid heart function . To ensure that you receive all the nutritional benefits that fresh fruits and vegetables can provide, be sure to diversify your produce selection. By choosing vibrantly colored foods, you can better guarantee your nutrient intake.

    Leave refined carbohydrates at the grocery store
    Processed carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, and granulated sugar contain little nutritional value. Instead, incorporate whole grains and oats like brown rice and oatmeal. Not only will these foods provide more heart healthy nutrients, but also they will keep your energy levels balanced for a longer period of time.

    Include lean proteins for a well-balanced diet
    Meat is not inherently detrimental to your heart health, but you do need to select your proteins wisely to take advantage of their nutritional benefits. In general, most cardiologists will recommend that patients eat meats with a low percentage of fat like turkey and chicken. Fish is also another heart healthy option. Seafood like salmon and herring contain ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which can greatly boost your heart function.

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  • Give These Webpages A Read For More Heart Health Information From Cardiac Solutions

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    Dedicate this new year to safeguarding your heart health! These articles will give you the chance to learn more about maintaining your cardiovascular strength and managing cardiac problems.

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  • Signs You or a Loved One May Be Having a Heart Attack

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    A heart attack can strike without warning, which is why knowing its signs may save your life or that of someone you know. The symptoms of a heart attack can vary considerably from person to person. Some individuals may experience only one indicator of an attack, while others might suffer from several side effects. Only a qualified cardiologist can see to it that you receive the critical care you need to survive a heart attack and incur as minimal heart damage as possible. Be on the lookout for these early warning signs of a heart attack:

    Chest Constriction
    A widely cited sign of a heart attack is pressure on the chest cavity . Some people describe it as similar to the sensation of having a belt pulled tight across the chest. This tension may be sporadic, but it should never be dismissed as a harmless concern.

    Breathing Difficulty
    Under some circumstances, breathing problems may precede chest constriction. In other cases, chest tension may be present after an individual experiences an inhalation problem. If you find that you cannot fully inhale, or a loved one exhibits signs of breathing difficulty, call 911.

    Radiating Pain
    The discomfort that some people feel in the chest cavity can extend to other parts of the body. In particular, pain may be felt in the jaw, shoulders, arms, or stomach if a person is suffering a heart attack. Should you experience unexpected discomfort in any of these regions, it may be an early warning sign of a heart attack.

    Stomach Issues
    One commonly misdiagnosed sign of a heart attack is nausea. Unfortunately, many people assume that this problem is the symptom of a lesser condition such as food poisoning. If you suddenly feel a wave of nausea, or you begin to vomit, don’t wait for your symptoms to subside. Should it be a heart attack, you need professional medical care.

    Cardiac Solutions offers heart attack care for patients in the greater Phoenix community . If you would like to learn more about how to recognize the signs of a heart attack, call our Phoenix cardiologists at (623) 876-8816.

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  • Tips on Eating Heart Healthy Foods

    Obesity is a leading cause of heart disease, which speaks to the importance of eating heart healthy foods. This video details some nutritious items to incorporate into your diet for the New Year.

    When consumed in moderation, chocolate can offer numerous anti-inflammatory benefits. Green tea provides also antioxidant advantages. When planning your meals, try to include plenty of fish like herring for its omega-3 fatty acids and whole oats for soluble fiber. Vegetables like asparagus and sweet potatoes can also boost your heart health and should be enjoyed on a weekly basis. Click play to learn more!

    Would you like to learn more about how to take care of your heart? Then call Cardiac Solutions at (623) 876-8816. Our heart center offers comprehensive cardiac care for patients in the greater Phoenix area, including advice on how to maintain your weight and take advantage of heart healthy foods. 


  • The Dangers Obesity Poses to Your Heart

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    Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, as approximately one in three Americans is severely overweight. Excessive weight comes with a host of health problems, including an increased risk for sleep apnea, type-2 diabetes, and stroke. Obesity is also a considerable factor in the occurrence of heart disease . Heart disease is already the leading cause of death in this country, and obesity is in large part to blame for its prominence. The following cardiovascular conditions help explain obesity’s impact on the heart.

    High Blood Pressure
    Several factors may produce high blood pressure, including anxiety and genetics. However, obesity constitutes a significant cause of hypertension, which can put considerable stress on the arteries supplying blood to body . When left untreated, high blood pressure can wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system and weaken the arterial walls. It can also leave those suffering from it with a higher risk of heart attack and heart failure.

    Elevated Cholesterol Levels
    Cholesterol is a type of fat that the body requires to carry out its processes. Virtually every cell is coated in cholesterol, but when left unchecked, high cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease. Elevated cholesterol often results from the excessive consumption of saturated fats, which can accumulate in blood vessels. As these fats build in the bloodstream, it leaves the person suffering from cholesterol vulnerable to blockages that may cause a heart attack. 

    Obstructed Cardiology Treatment
    Excessive weight can obstruct a heart doctor’s ability to perform diagnostic testing to determine the nature of a patient’s heart problems. Under some circumstances, it may be challenging to even gauge a person’s heart rhythm because their weight prevents access to the heart. When this occurs, it becomes all the more difficult to accurately diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening heart conditions. 

    Don’t let obesity compromise your heart health. Call Cardiac Solutions today at (623) 876-8816 to schedule a consultation with a cardiologist at our Phoenix heart clinic. We can help you get on the path to having a healthy weight and a strong heart.

  • Chest Pain vs. Heartburn

    Knowing the cause of your chest discomfort may end up saving your life. This video explains the signs that differentiate heartburn pain from that of a heart attack.

    Heartburn is an inconvenient yet relatively harmless condition. Most individuals who suffer heartburn will feel a burning sensation in the chest that can extend to the throat. The symptoms of a heart attack typically entail a sudden pain in the chest and feeling of constriction. This pain may radiate into the jaw, shoulders, and arms. Those who suffer a heart attack may also become dizzy or lightheaded. If you have any doubts as to whether your signs indicate heartburn or heart attack, immediately contact a heart center for help.

    Cardiac Solutions offers preventative and treatment care for patients in the greater Phoenix region. Don’t wait for a heart attack to permanently impact your life. Call our heart clinic today at (623) 876-8816 to make an appointment with a cardiologist for your heart health.

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    Recently, we helped Plaza Del Rio Care Center by donating gifts to their Full Care Center. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in the community and show just a little bit of Christmas spirit.

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    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Marc A. Kates has begun seeing patients today at Cardiac Solutions’ Glendale Location ! Please help us in welcoming this wonderfully talented physician to our cardiac care team.

  • Educate Yourself On Your Heart Health With Help from Cardiac Solutions

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    Healthy eating and exercise are both great ways to get your heart in shape this new year. Check out these links for more information on different exercises & techniques on maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle: 

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