Signs You or a Loved One May Be Having a Heart Attack

Businessman Suffering From Heart Attack.

A heart attack can strike without warning, which is why knowing its signs may save your life or that of someone you know. The symptoms of a heart attack can vary considerably from person to person. Some individuals may experience only one indicator of an attack, while others might suffer from several side effects. Only a qualified cardiologist can see to it that you receive the critical care you need to survive a heart attack and incur as minimal heart damage as possible. Be on the lookout for these early warning signs of a heart attack:

Chest Constriction
A widely cited sign of a heart attack is pressure on the chest cavity . Some people describe it as similar to the sensation of having a belt pulled tight across the chest. This tension may be sporadic, but it should never be dismissed as a harmless concern.

Breathing Difficulty
Under some circumstances, breathing problems may precede chest constriction. In other cases, chest tension may be present after an individual experiences an inhalation problem. If you find that you cannot fully inhale, or a loved one exhibits signs of breathing difficulty, call 911.

Radiating Pain
The discomfort that some people feel in the chest cavity can extend to other parts of the body. In particular, pain may be felt in the jaw, shoulders, arms, or stomach if a person is suffering a heart attack. Should you experience unexpected discomfort in any of these regions, it may be an early warning sign of a heart attack.

Stomach Issues
One commonly misdiagnosed sign of a heart attack is nausea. Unfortunately, many people assume that this problem is the symptom of a lesser condition such as food poisoning. If you suddenly feel a wave of nausea, or you begin to vomit, don’t wait for your symptoms to subside. Should it be a heart attack, you need professional medical care.

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