The Dangers Obesity Poses to Your Heart

Well OVER Weight

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, as approximately one in three Americans is severely overweight. Excessive weight comes with a host of health problems, including an increased risk for sleep apnea, type-2 diabetes, and stroke. Obesity is also a considerable factor in the occurrence of heart disease . Heart disease is already the leading cause of death in this country, and obesity is in large part to blame for its prominence. The following cardiovascular conditions help explain obesity’s impact on the heart.

High Blood Pressure
Several factors may produce high blood pressure, including anxiety and genetics. However, obesity constitutes a significant cause of hypertension, which can put considerable stress on the arteries supplying blood to body . When left untreated, high blood pressure can wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system and weaken the arterial walls. It can also leave those suffering from it with a higher risk of heart attack and heart failure.

Elevated Cholesterol Levels
Cholesterol is a type of fat that the body requires to carry out its processes. Virtually every cell is coated in cholesterol, but when left unchecked, high cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease. Elevated cholesterol often results from the excessive consumption of saturated fats, which can accumulate in blood vessels. As these fats build in the bloodstream, it leaves the person suffering from cholesterol vulnerable to blockages that may cause a heart attack. 

Obstructed Cardiology Treatment
Excessive weight can obstruct a heart doctor’s ability to perform diagnostic testing to determine the nature of a patient’s heart problems. Under some circumstances, it may be challenging to even gauge a person’s heart rhythm because their weight prevents access to the heart. When this occurs, it becomes all the more difficult to accurately diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening heart conditions. 

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