Dr. Kates & Team Receive Banner’s Best Performance Excellence Spotlight Award

Dr. Kates at the Banner Thunderbird Medical Center - 1

Yesterday, the CCTA program at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center was awarded Banner’s Best Performance Excellence Spotlight Award .  The award was based on introduction of novel techniques that result in excellent patient care and quality outcomes.  Drs. Kates , Dewald and Lozon have brought together 3 departments of medical specialties to deliver a novel program that has resulted in enhanced diagnostic capability at reduced cost as well as improved clinical outcomes .

Beginning in 2009 Dr. Marc Kates , Cardiologist with Cardiac Solutions , Dr. Chris Dewald, Chairman of Radiology and Dr. Joe Lozon, Dept Chair Emergency Medicine at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center introduced a new protocol for the management of patients presenting with acute chest pain to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Emergency Department.  Prior to the development of this program the standard of care included a nearly 2 day hospital stay consisting of serial blood tests followed by a nuclear stress test.  With the introduction of the CCTA (Coronary CT Angiography) program certain patients felt to be of intermediate risk for coronary artery disease undergoes a single blood test followed by an immediate CT scan of the heart. This test provides accurate assessment of the coronary arteries including potential blockages that may lead to chest pain and subsequent heart attack.  This new protocol has resulted in a reduction of hospitalization from nearly 2 days to as short as 6-8 hours.  In addition, the patient is exposed to less radiation and the test has proved to have superb ability to identify those who have coronary artery disease and those who may be subsequently discharged home at very low cardiovascular risk. 

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