Understanding Echocardiograms

During an echocardiogram, an ultrasound machine is used to bounce sound waves off your heart and create a real-time image. Echocardiograms are used to examine the valves and thickness of the heart muscle, as well as to look for problems in heart function, size, or shape. This test may also be used to check that an artificial valve is functioning properly.

The most common type of echocardiogram is a transthoracic echocardiogram, which uses an ultrasound probe pressed on your chest or abdomen. A tansesophageal echocardiogram provides a clearer picture of your heart via a probe inserted into your mouth and down your esophagus. Stress echocardiograms measure your heart’s function before and after exercise to check the throughput of blood. Doppler echocardiograms measure the speed and direction of blood as it flows through your heart. 


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