What Is an Implantable Loop Recorder?

An implantable loop recorder is an electrophysiology device that is placed in the chest just beneath the skin in order to monitor and record heart events over a significant period of time. This device is similar to a Holter or event monitor in that it reads the electrical activity of your heart and begins recording when the patterns change. In some cases, the device may have an external activator so that you can record events that cause noticeable symptoms.

Your cardiologist may recommend the use of an implantable loop recorder if you are suffering from intermittent symptoms, including syncope or fainting, seizures, heart palpitations or arrhythmias, and dizziness. 


Cardiac Solutions utilizes a number of monitoring devices, including pacemakers, implantable loop recorders, heart failure device monitors, and implantable cardiac defibrillators. For more information about implantable loop recorders, Holter monitors , and event monitors, visit one of our locations in Glendale, Sun City West, Peoria or Avondale – or contact Cardiac Solutions online today at (623) 876-8816.


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