Heartburn or Heart Attack?

There are many possible causes of chest pain, including heartburn and heart attack. Only your doctor can tell you if your symptoms imply a heart attack or a less serious condition . If you experience any of the warning signs of a heart attack, go to the emergency room promptly. In addition to chest pain and pressure, a heart attack can cause shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, and dizziness. The pain might spread to your neck, jaw, back, and arms.

Businessman Suffering From Heart Attack.

If your electrocardiogram (EKG) shows normal test results, your doctor may diagnose you with heartburn—especially if your symptoms occur after eating or while you’re leaning forward or lying down. You might also experience the sour taste of stomach acid in your mouth. These symptoms can worsen after consuming certain foods, including spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages.

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