What to Expect from a Duplex Ultrasound

Scanning with ultrasound

A duplex ultrasound is a procedure which combines Doppler flow information with conventional ultrasound technology to determine how well blood is flowing through the blood vessels. This type of vascular ultrasound may also be used to estimate the diameter of a blood vessel and rule out the presence of an obstruction. Read over the topics discussed in this article to make sure you know what to expect from a duplex ultrasound.

Initial Consultation
As with any other diagnostic procedure, your heart doctor will first have you come in for an initial consultation before scheduling your duplex ultrasound. During this time, your doctor will have you fill out a patient history questionnaire, ask you questions regarding your symptoms, and perform a routine physical examination. This information will help your cardiologist determine if you can benefit from a duplex ultrasound.

Procedural Steps
During the procedure, you will be asked to lie still on a table with your head slightly elevated. A technician will then spread a special ultrasound gel over the area to be examined in order to better transmit and receive the ultrasound waves. By moving the hand-piece back and forth, the duplex ultrasound will send information to a computer where it creates images of your blood vessels .

Returning Home
Duplex ultrasounds typically take up to 30 minutes and are not associated with pain. In most cases, patients are able to drive themselves home and return to all normal activities immediately following test completion.

If you have more questions about the uses and steps involved with a duplex ultrasound, contact the heart doctors with Cardiac Solutions by calling (623) 876-8816. You can also visit our website to learn more about our Peoria cardiology services , including diagnostic care, clinical programs, and surgical options. We also have heart clinics in Glendale, Sun City West, and Avondale. 


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