Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

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No other medical concern in the United States is as rampant as heart disease. This condition takes the lives of more Americans than any other health problem, which is why cardiology specialists urge the public to take control of their cardiovascular wellbeing. Though immutable factors such as family history can increase a person’s risk for heart disease, many other significant influencers can be altered or eliminated to bolster wellness. People concerned about their heart disease risk should consider the following questions:

Are you overweight?
A person’s BMI, or body mass index, can quickly gauge his susceptibility to heart disease. If an individual’s BMI indicates that he is either overweight or obese, this factor can raise his danger of suffering heart-related problems . For one, obesity is often linked to unhealthy eating habits, which may include foods high in LDL cholesterol. Second, excessive weight places a strain on the heart, forcing it to pump harder so oxygenated blood can reach the cells in the body.

Do you exercise?
Even if someone has no issues with maintaining a normal weight, a lack of physical activity can still heighten his heart disease risk. Between desk jobs, long car commutes, and evenings spent in front of the television, many Americans have little time left for working out. A sedentary lifestyle can harm heart wellness, though, and make a person vulnerable to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and heart attack.

Do you smoke?
Smoking is a habit that can cause widespread health problems beyond lung cancer and emphysema. This activity also causes the arteries to narrow and become more rigid, which makes it extremely difficult for them to carry blood with ease. Without their normal elasticity, the arteries become susceptible to ruptures and blockages. As a result, people who use cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are more prone to heart attacks than otherwise healthy individuals.

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