Everything You Need to Know About Cholesterol


The term cholesterol is frequently used during heart health discussions. A heart doctor may tell patients to keep their cholesterol numbers down, but many people may not realize how to keep their cholesterol at a safe level or even know what cholesterol is. The following information highlights important details on how cholesterol can affect your cardiovascular wellbeing.

Not all cholesterol is harmful to your heart
Did you know that the body creates cholesterol? Cholesterol is an essential substance that rids the bloodstream of potentially dangerous elements . The type of health-boosting cholesterol is called high-density lipoprotein. Unfortunately, another kind of cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, can also have an impact on heart health. It’s this cholesterol that blocks arteries and increases a person’s chances of experiencing stroke or heart attack.

The food you eat affects your cholesterol levels
Not only does the body create healthy cholesterol, but also it produces nearly all the cholesterol that the cardiovascular system requires for optimal function. That’s why high cholesterol is such a problem for so many Americans. Too many people consume cholesterol well beyond what their bodies need, and they eat too much LDL cholesterol. Foods such as sausage, butter, fried chicken, and donuts are common culprits behind overly high cholesterol levels.

Unchecked cholesterol can lead to serious heart problems
High cholesterol is a precursor to potentially life-threatening conditions. The longer elevated cholesterol levels go untreated, the more likely the arteries may experience problems from plaque buildup. This buildup obstructs easy blood flow and raises the likelihood of a future blockage or rupture, which may develop into a heart attack or stroke. Upon an initial diagnosis of high cholesterol, patients should take all measures to lower their numbers, including making lifestyle changes and taking doctor-approved medications.

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