Our Amiodarone Management Program

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An arrhythmia is a condition that prevents a normal beating of the heart. In some cases, this abnormal heart rhythm may be so severe that a heart doctor recommends medication for it. Amiodarone is a drug used for the management of arrhythmias. Cardiac Solutions recognizes that patients may experience complications from time to time when they take amiodarone, which is why we implemented our amiodarone management program . This program can aid a person’s heart health care management needs in several ways. First, it provides detailed information regarding how to use amiodarone as recommended and what patients may expect when they take it. Second, it offers professional supervision of all amiodarone users. By setting up consistent visits to our heart clinic and administering regular checkups, Cardiac Solutions can give amiodarone patients peace of mind.

Are you currently taking amiodarone? If you are experiencing side effects from your medication, Cardiac Solutions can help. To speak with a heart doctor , call (623) 876-8816. For your convenience, we have four heart clinics in Sun City West, Glendale, Peoria, and Avondale.

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