Can You Still Drink Coffee Following a Heart Attack?

Coffee with Heart in Foam

After a heart attack, you may need to make lifestyle and dietary changes to improve your heart health and reduce the risk of a second cardiac event. Your cardiologist will explain your specific needs and make personalized recommendations to help you achieve better health. While caffeine does have an effect on the cardiovascular system, consuming coffee is not associated with increased risk of heart attack even in those with heart disease. However, caffeine may interact with certain medications prescribed by your physician. If you have been prescribed heart medication, your doctor may recommend drinking decaffeinated coffee to avoid an interaction. If no medication is prescribed, you can still safely drink caffeinated coffee. Bring any questions or concerns about your diet to the attention of your cardiologist before making any changes.

Understanding how your diet affects your heart health can protect you from cardiac arrest. If you have questions about your health, contact a cardiologist by calling Cardiac Solutions at (623) 208-5305. You can find more information about our heart services, including classes, treatment options, and technology, on our website.

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