Electrophysiology Services Offered by Cardiac Solutions


The heart is controlled by electrical activity that allows it to beat and circulate blood throughout your body. When the heart’s electrical activity is abnormal, your cardiologist may suggest an electrophysiology study or treatment to diagnose and correct problems with your heartbeat. Cardiac Solutions offers a variety of electrophysiology services in Phoenix.

Electrophysiology Study
If your cardiologist suspects or detects an irregular heartbeat, he will order an electrophysiology study to aid in diagnosis. An electrophysiology study measures electrical activity in the heart. The procedure is performed by threading thin, flexible tubes called catheters through one or many veins to the heart. The end of each catheter contains an electrode, which senses electrical activity and allows your cardiologist to visualize every aspect of your heartbeat.

Catheter Ablation
If a small portion of your heart is contributing to a heartbeat problem, your doctor can use a procedure called catheter ablation to help with the symptoms. Catheter ablation follows a similar procedure as electrophysiology study, and may be performed simultaneously using the same instruments. A catheter is threaded through a vein to your heart and an electrode is used to destroy small, specific portions of heart tissue that are responsible for heartbeat problems

When your heart does not beat regularly on its own, a pacemaker can provide the regulation needed to maintain a regular heart rate. A pacemaker is an artificial device implanted just beneath the skin of your collarbone. A thin wire, called a lead, runs from the pacemaker into your heart. The lead provides electrical stimulation to accurately control your heartbeat and prevent arrhythmias . Pacemakers are battery-operated and monitored. They are designed to function without replacement for many decades.

Your overall health depends upon healthy heart function . Take the first step in improving your heart health with the help of the team at Cardiac Solutions. We provide comprehensive cardiac services including surgery, electrophysiology, dietary assistance, and more. You can find more information about our clinics and our board certified physicians by calling (623) 208-5305 or clicking through the information on our website.

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