Preparing for an EKG

EKG test

An EKG is a medical test that measures the electrical activity inside your heart. During this exam, the electrical impulses of your heart are transformed into a visual diagram that your cardiologist will examine. EKGs are completely non-invasive and painless, so you will be able to relax comfortably during your procedure.

Discuss Your Health
Before you receive an EKG, make sure your cardiologist is aware of any medications you are currently taking, whether they relate to your heart health or not. Some medications and supplements may affect your heart’s activity, so it’s important to provide your doctor with this information before your EKG so that changes may be made if necessary.

Relax Before the Test
It’s important to relax and keep your body relatively warm before and during your EKG. Avoid exercising for a few hours before your test to provide the most accurate results. You should also avoid drinking cold water or other cold beverages before the exam; shivering during an EKG could affect your results, so it’s important to ensure your body is not chilled.

Wear Appropriate Clothing
You may be asked to remove your shirt or put on a hospital gown during your EKG. Wear clothing that is simple and comfortable to your exam. You should also plan to bring an extra sweater or jacket to drape over your shoulders or legs if you are likely to become chilled while sitting still for an extended period of time. If you will also be undergoing a stress test, you may wish to bring a set of workout clothes or shorts with you as well. A stress test is an EKG that measures your heart’s activity while you are exercising. You may be asked to walk or jog on a treadmill during this type of exam.

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