A Look at Life Following a Heart Attack


Having a heart attack is an unsettling event. After the urgent medical crisis is over, many people wonder what their lives will look like as they try to return to normal. The good news is that having a heart attack doesn’t mean that you can’t go on to live a long, full life. Working carefully with a cardiologist and following his or her advice for taking care of your heart health is the best way to get your life back. Here are some of the things you can expect after you have a heart attack:

Treating Coronary Heart Disease
If you suffer a heart attack , you likely have coronary heart disease (CHD). With CHD, plaque builds up in your arteries and interferes with blood flow. By controlling CHD, your cardiologist can reduce your risk of having future heart attacks. There are a number of different ways to treat CHD. Your cardiologist may prescribe medications to control your cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as your heart’s workload. You may also need to commit to lifestyle changes, including losing weight, exercising, and giving up smoking.

Resuming Normal Activities
How quickly you resume your normal activities depends on how severe your heart attack was and if you experience any post-heart-attack complications. In most cases, patients can return to normal activities within a few weeks of a heart attack. Your cardiologist will help you decide how quickly you should return to work and other daily activities.

Coping with Anxiety
After a heart attack, it is normal to worry that another one will occur or to feel depressed. Share your feelings with your cardiologist, and consider joining a support group for heart attack patients. Keeping your stress levels in check is an important part of avoiding future heart problems.

At Cardiac Solutions, our cardiologists are here to help you deal with the physical and emotional fallout from a heart attack. Our heart center will work with you to design a plan to help you get and stay healthy. To schedule a consultation at one of our many Phoenix or Glendale locations, please call (623) 208-5305.

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