Heart Failure Education Courses Available at Cardiac Solutions

Heart Monitor

Learning about heart failure and how you can prevent it provides a valuable tool in maintaining good heart health. Cardiac Solutions’ Heart Failure Program includes free Heart Failure Education classes for patients and their family members. During these classes, you will experience an interactive group experience to help you learn more about the causes and risk factors involved in heart failure. Experienced instructors will explain how to make beneficial changes to your diet, such as lowering the amount of fats and sodium you eat, to strengthen your heart and reduce your blood pressure. Because stress can significantly impact your heart, you will learn how to manage stress in positive ways. Heart Failure Education classes also provide assistance with managing your medication and physical activity regimens. If your treatment includes a heart failure device, you and your family will also receive extensive instruction on its care and use.

At Cardiac Solutions, we believe that education is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle . You can get more information about our courses and other educational services by calling (623) 208-5305 today. Take a look at our blog to learn more about cardiac education and treatment in Peoria, Sun City West and Glendale.


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