Tips for Teaching Your Children Heart-Healthy Habits

Heart in hands

It’s never too late to get heart-healthy, but good habits are always easiest to stick with when you start them young. Teaching your kids to get smart about caring for their hearts is a lesson they will carry for life. The same habits your cardiologist wants you to adopt as an adult are relevant to younger people, and convincing them to get on board isn’t as hard as you may think. Here are some tips for getting your kids invested in heart health:

Encourage Kids to Pick Their Activities

Staying physically active is an important part of maintaining good cardiac health. Getting and staying active means finding activities that you actually enjoy so you’ll stick with them. Instead of insisting that your kids play this sport or do that activity, set a rule that they must be active and let them decide how. Some kids may crave the action of team sports, while other kids may prefer the solitude of jogging. If you let your kids pursue their own interests, you won’t have to fight to keep them involved.

Cook and Eat Together

Junk food habits are bad for the heart and very hard to break. Give your kids a jumpstart for a healthy heart by feeding them a variety of healthy foods from a very young age. Also get your kids in the kitchen and involved in preparing family meals so they will learn about nutrition and balanced diets. Share meals together at home often. Home-cooked meals tend to be lower in fat, sugar, and sodium than restaurant fare.

Lead by Example

Kids emulate your habits, so adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle yourself. Following your cardiologist’s advice will keep your heart in good shape and show your kids how to avoid future complications with their own hearts.

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