Tips for Eating Healthy After a Heart Attack

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After a heart attack, one of the things you may need to change is your diet. By adopting a healthier eating regimen, you can reduce your risk of future heart attacks and increase your overall feeling of wellbeing. By making a few simple dietary swaps, you can boost your heart health.


Start by removing saturated fats, like butter and stick margarine, from your plate and choosing healthy oils instead. Olive, sunflower, and canola oils are all good options. Make fish part of your meals at least twice per week. Cold-water fish, like salmon and tuna, are the best for your heart, since they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Increase your intake of fruits and veggies by having a salad with lunch and dinner and snacking on them instead of processed foods. Keep a close eye on your sodium intake. Aim for less than 2,300 mg per day.


For more advice on a heart-healthy diet , make an appointment with a cardiologist at Cardiac Solutions. Schedule a visit to one of our Phoenix or Glendale clinics by calling (623) 208-5305.


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