Answering Common Questions about Heart Attack Recovery

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A heart attack can be a frightening experience, but many people survive and continue to live long, productive, and healthy lives. It’s important to work with your cardiologist following a heart attack to develop healthy habits and monitor the condition of your heart. At Cardiac Solutions , we are here to answer your questions and ensure you have the knowledge, support, and medical care you need to recover successfully after a heart attack.

How Much Rest Do I Need?

Increasing physical activity after a heart attack will lower your likelihood of a second cardiac event. While you may need to take frequent breaks at first, you should find ways to increase physical activity in your everyday life as soon as possible after your heart attack. Depending upon the severity of your heart attack, your doctor will recommend returning to work within two to twelve weeks.

How Should I Feel?

Those who have experienced a heart attack often feel many emotions, ranging from sadness or anger to optimism and gratitude that they are alive. It’s important to remember that your friends and family members are feeling many of these emotions as well, and may wish to seek support from you as much as you want support from them. If your emotions are overwhelming you or interfering with sleep or other activities, don’t hesitate to seek outside help.

How Will My Heart Be Treated?

Treatments following a heart attack vary depending upon your needs. Your doctor may order diagnostic tests to determine the extent to which your heart was affected. Surgical treatment is sometimes needed to repair the heart or remove blockages from the blood vessels. Medications and physical activity are common effective noninvasive treatment options.

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