Knowing What to Expect in Cardiac Rehabilitation

stethoscope and heart

After a heart attack, you will be much more likely to suffer another heart attack, cardiac arrest, or other serious cardiac episodes. Therefore, you will need to make some big changes to care for your heart and prevent future complications that could compromise your health. Cardiac rehabilitation with Cardiac Solutions can guide you toward the right choices for your heart with a manageable timeline of steps over three distinct phases.

Initial recovery

Rehabilitation will probably begin while you are still in the hospital and under the supervision of cardiac physicians and nurses. Exercise is critical for your recovery, so you will begin a light walking routine before you even go home. As you participate in physical activity, nurses will monitor your vital signs and blood pressure to ensure that you do not overstress your heart.

Making new lifestyle choices

Once you return home, you will want to continue your new exercise routine and get used to a healthier diet. As you get used to your prescribed lifestyle changes, you will check in with a member of your care team about three times weekly over eight weeks. Through these sessions, you will have your heart health monitored and receive education and support related to heart disease and recovery.

Lifelong changes and support

The third phase of cardiac rehabilitation is considered the maintenance phase, and it does not have any end date. You will still have the support of your physician and cardiac specialists, but you should have the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthier lifestyle at this point in your rehabilitation.

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