Talking to Your Doctor About Your Heart Health Concerns

Ideally, patients should be advocates for their own health. Many people; however, hesitate to voice their concerns or ask all of their questions. If you have concerns about your heart health , it can be helpful to prepare for your cardiology appointment in advance. Consider which questions you may wish to ask, for example. You may even wish bring along a family member to help you keep track of the information.

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Keep Track of Your Symptoms
Whether you’ve already been diagnosed with a heart health condition or you’re seeking a diagnosis, it’s a good idea to  keep track of your symptoms  prior to your cardiology appointment. Write down which symptoms you experience each day and whether they may have been triggered by something, such as exercise or stress. You may wish to use a daily planner to keep track of them; remember to bring it to your appointment and share it with your doctor.

Ask About Your Treatment Options
After receiving a diagnosis, explore your treatment options with your cardiologist. Many heart health concerns are addressed via lifestyle modifications, such as starting an exercise program, improving your diet, and quitting smoking. You can ask the cardiologist if the clinic offers any patient education classes to help you with these lifestyle modifications. If you require medical treatments such as surgery, ask questions such as how to prepare for the procedure, what you can expect, and what the recovery will be like.

Learn About Your Medications
If your cardiologist recommends medications to treat your condition or manage your symptoms, make sure you understand the dosage schedule. Work with the doctor and your pharmacist to learn about possible interactions and side effects. If you do experience side effects, you may wish to write them down to discuss with your doctor at your next appointment.

The board-certified cardiologists at Cardiac Solutions are committed to effective doctor-patient communication and exceptional patient education initiatives. The team at our heart clinic can help you learn how to safeguard your health and recover from adverse cardiovascular events. If you live in the Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, Phoenix, or Sun City West areas, give us a call at (623) 208-5305 to  schedule an appointment .

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