How the Summer Season Benefits Your Heart

Seniors exercising with bicycle

For most people, summer is a time of joy and relaxation. The warm weather, the exciting events, the delicious food—summer is easily the best time of the year. Summer isn’t just great for the mind, but for the body as well. Read on to discover a few ways in which the summer can benefit your heart health .

More Opportunities for Exercise
Doctors everywhere agree that regular exercise is essential for a healthy mind and body. Getting your heart rate up several times a week is important for strengthening your heart and blood vessels and reducing your risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to go out and exercise during the cold of winter. It’s much easier to get outside and exercise during the summer, whether you’re playing lawn games, going on a hike, or taking a long bike ride.

More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Most people eat a lot of fatty, sugary foods during the holiday season. During the summer, there are many more healthy foods available. This is the time when fruits and vegetables are ready to harvested and consumed. Grilling—a favorite summer pastime—can help reduce the fat of certain foods and produce much healthier meals.  

More Chances to Relax
Stress is a major contributor to heart disease and other heart problems. Though you may not stop working during the summer, you’ll likely have plenty more opportunities to relax as you enjoy the beautiful, quiet evenings. Summer is also the prime time to take a long vacation and forget the daily stresses of life at home.

The summer can provide numerous health benefits if you’re willing to get some exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, and find time to relax. If you suspect that you have a heart problem, let an experienced cardiologist from Cardiac Solutions provide prompt treatment. Our Phoenix-area clinics offer educational courses that can help keep you healthy all year long. Call (623) 208-5305 or visit our website for more information. 

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