The Importance of Heart Failure Management and Close Continued Care

Acute pain in a woman chest

Heart failure may be a number of different conditions that cause the heart to progressively become less effective at supplying the body with sufficient blood flow. Heart failure may be related to weakness in the heart which causes weak contractions that can reduce the amount of oxygenated blood pushed out to the body or can cause fluid buildup. In either case, heart failure should be monitored by a cardiac care team that should be included in a patient’s regular routine. Below is a closer look at why this type of care is essential for patients with heart failure.

Medication management and proper use
Medication will play a critical role in heart failure management, but patients can have varying reactions to the wide range of medications that may be prescribed. Patients may also need detailed instructions about how and when to take medicine as well as the substances that may cause negative interactions. Your cardiac physician or Heart Failure Clinical Program can instruct you on proper use for your medication to ensure that it works effectively over an extended period.

Lifestyle accountability
In order to prevent further damage to the heart and reduce the need for procedures like bypass surgery or heart transplant, patients with heart failure should pay close attention to their daily habits. With the right exercise routine, diet, and control of vital numbers like blood pressure and cholesterol, patients can have better outcomes on their path to better heart health. Regular visits with a cardiac care team will keep patients more accountable for important lifestyle changes so they are better able to stay on track.

Longer, happier lives
Heart failure does not have to prevent you from doing the things you love. The help of close continued care will ensure better years to come and the peace of mind.

The interdisciplinary care team at Cardiac Solutions in the Phoenix area can design a care plan that works for you through their CHF Programs so that you are able to live freely with heart failure. You can start on your path to better health with us by scheduling an appointment online or calling us at (623) 208-5305. 

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