What Is a Stress Test and Why Would You Need One?

There are many types of heart disease that can restrict blood flow to your heart or cause the heart to beat at an abnormal rate. In order to appropriately diagnose and treat these problems when they are suspected, doctors may use a variety of tests to get to know how your heart works in different situations. The stress test is an examination in which the heart is examined under hard working conditions caused by exercise or medication that stimulates the heart to beat faster. Below is a closer look at what you might expect from this test and why your doctor may order it in the first place.


Stress Test Basics
Because the heart needs more blood and oxygen when it is working hard during exercise or strenuous activity, certain conditions may be easier to diagnose when the  heart is under stress . During the test, you will have electrodes attached to your chest while on the treadmill. This activity will cause the heart to beat faster, allowing your physician to see if you have problems with your heart’s rhythm or blood pressure, which indicate that your heart is not getting enough oxygenated blood during exercise.

Stress Test Candidates
If you have complained of chest pains, shortness of breath, or difficulty performing physical activity, your doctor may order a stress test to see what is happening with your heart. Stress test may help diagnose problems like arrhythmia, but they are more commonly used to identify coronary heart disease, which may show no symptoms when the heart is at rest.

Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis
Coronary heart disease occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries and restricts blood flow to the heart. When the heart is at rest, plaque may not be a problem but exercise could put a patient with CHD at a higher risk for a heart attack or angina. Therefore, it is important to participate in a stress test so this problem may be identified before a serious cardiac episode occurs.

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