Understanding Anticoagulant Therapy [INFOGRAPHIC]

If your cardiologist has ever recommended that you take aspirin every day to help reduce the risk of a heart attack, you may already know a little bit about anticoagulant therapy. Anticoagulants are medications that treat and prevent blood clots by preventing platelets from sticking together. Though clotting can be a useful function, blood clots can also cause problems. A stroke occurs when there is a clot that prevents blood from flowing to the brain, while a heart attack can happen when a clot stops the normal flow of blood to the heart. If your cardiologist has you on anticoagulant therapy, it is essential to understand what you can and cannot do during this treatment, as even minor injuries could result in internal bleeding when you are taking anticoagulants. Explore this infographic from the Phoenix cardiologists at Cardiac Solutions to learn more about anticoagulant therapy. Please share with your friends and family. 


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