How High Blood Pressure Affects Your Heart

Finding out that you have high blood pressure , or hypertension, can be an unsettling experience. However, it can also provide the chance to make improvements to your everyday life that will better both your heart and your overall health. Though high blood pressure generally causes no symptoms, it can have very serious ramifications on your cardiovascular wellness. Without immediate treatment and consistent supervision of your blood pressure, this issue can put you at risk for several life-threatening conditions, including stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. Continue reading to find out more.

Medical tools lying on ECG

Weakened Heart Tissues
Because high blood pressure presents no warning signs, it can be mistaken for an inconsequential condition. However, hypertension can cause severe  damage to your entire circulatory system . When the pressure in arteries and veins is high, they will try to accommodate by stretching their interior walls. These excessive forces, when present over an extended period of time, can eventually lead to weakened blood vessels. Some arteries or veins may suffer so much damage that they actually burst open. The heart is also susceptible to this constant pressure, which can leave the heart tissues less elastic and durable.

Clogged Heart Valves
Damage to the blood vessels can bring about another problem. When the arteries and veins deteriorate from too much pressure, they can incur small tears in their walls. These tears provide a space for fat and cholesterol, or plaque, to collect. The longer plaque is able build up inside the blood vessels, the greater the chance that the blood inside them will coagulate becomes. When fat and cholesterol accumulate in the heart and cause coronary heart disease, it can raise the danger of a clot forming that may block blood flow. This condition can increase the likelihood of a heart attack, which quickly kills heart cells and can cause permanent heart damage.

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