How Quickly Does Giving Up Smoking Help Your Heart?

Not only does smoking contribute to a higher risk of lung cancer, but it can also lead to serious cardiovascular problems. However, after just a single day without a cigarette, you can begin to undo the damage that smoking has done to your heart.

Smoking negatively affects heart rate and blood pressure. Studies show, though, that in as little as 20 minutes after having your final cigarette, your heart rate begins to stabilize. In just 120 minutes, your blood pressure can also return to a healthier range. The advantages of not smoking only increase the longer you go without having another cigarette. One aspect that some smokers may overlook is how their habit can impact the oxygenation of their blood. After just half of a day, the blood supply becomes more oxygen-rich, as blood cells can once again attach to oxygen instead of the carbon monoxide that smoking brings into the body.

Cigarettes and Heart

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