Understanding the Cryoablation Procedure

Do you suffer from a heart arrhythmia? For this condition, your cardiologist might recommend a procedure called cryoablation. This video demonstrates how cryoablation works.

To access the tissues of the heart that are causing abnormal contractions, a heart doctor must first insert a small catheter into the heart valves. This catheter contains a balloon that inflates to block off the valve undergoing treatment. This device can then destroy the cells contributing to the arrhythmia by freezing them. Several cryoablation rounds may be needed before the heart returns to a normal beating pattern.

Without treatment, a heart  arrhythmia  can heighten the risk of stroke. To learn more about how cryoablation can correct abnormal contractions, call Cardiac Solutions at (623) 208-5305. Our heart clinics serve the residents of Avondale, Sun City West, Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix, and beyond.

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