Spotting the Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Chest pain is a common sign of a heart attack , which is why some people might ignore other symptoms if they do not feel chest discomfort. However, a heart attack can present without any chest pain, making it all the more important for men and women alike to know the other warning signs of a heart attack. If you suspect that you are having a heart attack, seek emergency treatment right away. Continue reading to find out more about the early warning signs of heart attacks.

Sweaty Businessman Wiping Forehead

An upset stomach can indicate a number of issues, including the flu or food poisoning. When you experience nausea in the absence of these possible factors, though, you may be having a heart attack. Heart attacks can produce  symptoms that mimic an upset stomach , particularly in women. If you feel sick to your stomach or begin to vomit with no apparent cause, consult an emergency care physician to rule out the possibility of a heart attack.

Sudden Sweating
Sweating can develop for several reasons. Having a fever is one cause, and physical exertion is another. What makes sweating due to a heart attack different from these other circumstances is that it can come on suddenly even when you are at rest. Like queasiness, a sudden cold sweat should not be ignored. In particular, if you notice yourself sweating and feel one or more other heart attack warning signs, get help as soon as possible.

A heart attack can dramatically reduce the amount of oxygenated blood that your heart receives. If this organ cannot get the blood it needs to function, it can cause you to become dizzy or weak. Sudden lightheadedness or weakness can be an indicator of a serious heart problem. Should you feel dizzy for no known reason, visit a cardiology specialist for immediate evaluation to ensure that your symptoms do not stem from a heart attack.

To help minimize the long-term health complications of a heart attack, it is essential to get emergency care as quickly as possible. However, follow-up care can also be important for recovering from a heart attack. Cardiac Solutions offers effective treatment services for those in need of cardiac care.  For more information  on our services for the residents of Peoria, Phoenix, Avondale, Sun City West, and Glendale, call (623) 208-5305.

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