Foods That Contain Trans Fats

For many years, people with high cholesterol have been advised to restrict their intakes of foods that are high in saturated fats to protect their heart health. Now, cardiologists have zeroed in on trans fats as an even bigger danger. Trans fats drive up your LDL cholesterol while suppressing beneficial HDL cholesterol and are considered to be such a significant health risk that some cities and states have passed legislation that restrict them. Are trans- fats sneaking into your diet?

Here are some foods that are commonly high in this kind of fat.
Many commercially prepared foods like: cookies, cakes, frozen dinners, chips and crackers, fried foods, prepackaged baking mixes, microwave popcorn, donuts, Non-dairy creamer.  If the list of ingredients names any sort of partially hydrogenated oil, margarine or shortening, that food contains the dangerous fat.
Switch to healthier oils like olive or canola, use 1% milk or evaporated milk in place of Non-dairy creamer. Increase your intake of fresh, whole foods rather than processed and prepackaged foods.


High In Fat

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