Get the Truth Behind Common Heart Health Myths

Did you know that heart disease accounts for more deaths in the United States than any other condition? As prevalent as this problem is, though, it continues to be widely misunderstood. In fact, some heart health misconceptions may lead people to delay or ignore the treatment that could save their lives. Finding out the truth about why heart disease develops and the individuals it affects is integral to protecting your health and that of those you love.

Myths or Facts Concept

Myth: Heart Disease Is Always Hereditary
If you have a parent with  hypertension or high cholesterol , you might assume that heart disease will be part of your future. While heredity may increase your chances of having high blood pressure or high cholesterol, your diet and exercise habits can help combat these issues. In addition, unhealthy lifestyle habits can increase your risk of heart problems, even if you have no family history of them.

Myth: Only Men Need To Worry about Heart Disease
One of the most persistent myths regarding heart disease is that it affects only men—statistics prove otherwise. Heart disease is the most common cause of death for men and women, making it a condition that both genders should carefully monitor. Women, in particular, should educate themselves about how heart problems can present in female sufferers, as heart attack symptoms in women typically differ from those seen in men.

Myth: Heart Disease Is Normal with Older Age
Many people believe that chronic physical decline is a part of the aging process. While years of unhealthy habits tend to result in more cases of heart disease among the elderly, this condition does not have to be part of getting older. Just as heredity is not a guarantee of heart disease, old age does not have to mean more cardiac problems. If you make healthy eating and consistent physical activity part of your life, you can greatly reduce your chances of suffering from high cholesterol, hypertension, and other heart-related issues as you get older.

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