How Do Pacemakers Work?

Pacemaker If you have a heart arrhythmia, a pacemaker is one treatment option cardiologists may suggest. Pacemakers both monitor and control your heartbeat, helping you to avoid complications associated with arrhythmias while providing your heart doctor with valuable information.

Pacemakers have three parts: a battery, a generator, and wires. The wires have sensors that are placed in different chambers of the heart. The pacemaker records your heartbeat and transmits that information to your physician. It also reacts when it identifies an abnormal heartbeat. If your heartbeat becomes abnormal, the pacemaker will send electrical pulses via the wires to each connected chamber of your heart. Your heart doctor can program your pacemaker specifically to your needs and make changes to that programming using an external device based on the information the pacemaker is recording.

At Cardiac Solutions, our doctors can implant and manage pacemakers for a variety of heart conditions. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, please call (623) 876-8816.

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