Issues to Discuss at Your Next Cardiologist Appointment

Cardiology Appointment Serious conditions such as peripheral vascular disease and congestive heart failure typically require regular heart doctor checkups to monitor their progress. Cardiologists near Phoenix are versed in treating many forms of heart disease, but you too play an important role in your care. The information you provide to your heart doctor can significantly impact your treatment. When you have your next appointment, you may want to bring up these issues:

New Symptoms
Your cardiologist might ask about how you are feeling, and providing an honest response is critical to your health. If you have more strength and energy, these improvements may indicate that your treatment is working. Should you have new heart disease symptoms, such as edema –swelling in your lower legs or shortness of breath, your heart doctor may decide to change your medications or opt for more invasive measures to address your condition. Not telling your physician about newly developed problems could put your health in greater danger .

Lifestyle Changes
Diet and exercise are key to heart health. If your heart doctor has recommended fitness routine or dietary changes, putting them into effect could prove integral to managing your condition. At your checkup, be honest about your progress with these changes. If you have experienced difficulties implementing these recommendations, your cardiologist may suggest support groups to help you maintain healthier lifestyle habits or different medications to address ongoing lifestyle-related problems, such as hypertension or high cholesterol.

Treatment Measures
You should also talk with your heart doctor about your medications and other heart disease treatment measures. As with other aspects of your heart health, you should be forthcoming with your cardiologist about any discrepancies between your recommended medication schedule and your actual routine. You may also want to discuss past care measures such as angioplasty or stent placement, as how you respond to these treatment services can help your physician better evaluate their effectiveness.

Patient comfort is a priority at Cardiac Solutions. Our cardiologists aim to not only address your heart condition, but also make you feel welcomed and supported throughout your treatment. For information on our services, call (623) 876-8816.

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