What to Expect from Inferior Vena Cava Vascular Filter Placement

The job of the veins is to bring blood back to the heart to be pushed to the lungs to receive new oxygen and then return to the heart to be pushed out to disperse the oxygenated blood to the body. However, some individuals may be at risk for vein clots that could prove deadly if one of those travels to the heart, brain, or lungs. The inferior vena cava is a major vein in the lower body that moves blood from the legs to the heart. If a heart doctor near Phoenix has determined that you are in danger of thromboembolism—a blood clot that blocks a blood vessel—he may decide that an inferior vena cava vascular filter placement is necessary for your health.

Many procedures to stop or manage heart disease can be done without vascular surgery. Inferior vena cava vascular filter placement is a minimally invasive process that involves the use of a catheter rather than open surgery. Before this procedure begins, your heart doctor will see to it that you are comfortable and pain-free with the help of local anesthesia. Once you are ready for your filter placement, your physician can make a small incision to access a blood vessel. He can then introduce a catheter into this blood vessel that will eventually be moved into the interior vena cava. When the catheter is in place, your heart doctor can then position the filter. With the removal of the catheter, your procedure is complete. You may remain at the hospital until your heart doctor has determined that you are ready to go home.

Many medications exist that can thin the blood and reduce the chances of clot formation. Yet these medications may not be enough for some heart disease sufferers. Inferior vena cava vascular filter placement provides an added measure of protection against thromboembolism – blood clot, a condition that is often fatal if a clot reaches one of the major organs. In many cases, the filter can remain in place indefinitely to ensure your continued health. Because it is a minimally invasive procedure, inferior vena cava vascular filter placement normally requires only a short recovery time.

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