Getting Ready for Your Upcoming Cardiac Procedure

Preparing for Cardiac Procedure If your heart doctor near Phoenix has scheduled you for a cardiac procedure, it’s important to follow the preparation instructions closely. Although the specific preparation guidelines will vary depending on the nature of your procedure, there are a few general steps all cardiac patients can take. If you’re having a cardiac procedure, these tips will help you get ready.

Have Pre-Procedure Testing Performed
Your heart doctor may require that you have blood work and other pre-procedure testing performed. These tests are done to make sure you’re healthy enough to safely undergo your cardiac procedure. Be sure to have these tests performed in a timely fashion, so your heart doctor can address any issues well in advance of your procedure. Delaying this testing could lead to a delay in your cardiac procedure.

Adjust Medications As Needed
Before your procedure, you may need to adjust some of your medication use. Your heart doctor may ask you to discontinue certain medicines and to change the way you take others. Make sure your doctor knows about all of the medications you take, including over-the-counter medicines like aspirin. Some medicines can make your cardiac procedure riskier, while others can influence test results.

Prepare for Your Recovery
Ask your cardiologist what to expect during your recovery from your procedure and plan accordingly. You may need someone to drive you home from the treatment center for outpatient procedures, or you may need to plan to be in the hospital for a few days. If you will need assistance at home while you recover, make a schedule in advance with family and friends or an in-home caregiver so you have the help you need.

The cardiologists at Cardiac Solutions will work closely with you before, during, and after your cardiac procedure to provide you with the best possible care. We perform a range of procedures to treat congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and more. Make an appointment with one of our physicians by calling (623) 876-8816.

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