Dispelling Myths about Cardiovascular Health

Myths About Heart Health Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States; however, myths about cardiovascular health are still common. Don’t let your heart health hang in the balance because of misinformation. If you have heart disease in Phoenix , work closely with your cardiologist to manage your condition, and keep the facts about these cardiovascular health myths in mind.

Myth: You’ll Know If You’re Having a Heart Attack
Most people picture heart attacks as dramatic occurrences that cause chest clutching, heavy sweating, and severe panic. In reality, a heart attack can be much more subtle. Some people only have minor chest pain, while others never have chest pain at all, but rather have discomfort in their arms, jaw, or stomach. Women in particular are less likely to have severe chest pain and may instead experience fatigue, nausea, and shortness of breath. Don’t wait for the movie-style heart attack to occur. Instead, go to the ER if you experience even minor cardiac symptoms.

Myth: Heart Disease Only Happens After Middle Age
Cardiologists see heart disease in people who are middle-aged and older most often, but it can and does strike at any age. Some teenagers have coronary artery disease, and people in their 20s have heart attacks. Further, the food choices you make when you’re young can have a big impact on your risk of heart disease in the future, so heart health should be a lifelong pursuit.

Myth: If You’re Fit, You Won’t Get Heart Disease
Unhealthy habits, like eating a high-fat diet and not getting enough physical activity, are risk factors for heart disease. However, being fit and active doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to see a heart doctor. Your family history plays a tremendous role in your heart disease risk, so you still have to be screened regularly for heart health problems, even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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