Foods that Help Lower Bad Cholesterol

Heart Healthy Foods

If you have high cholesterol, your heart doctor may prescribe medication to help get it under control. However, lifestyle changes, particularly adjustments to your diet, also matter. By simply changing some of the foods you eat, you may be able to reduce your bad cholesterol and your risk of heart disease.

Avocados are a great choice for reducing high cholesterol. Try them in place of mayo on sandwiches or add them to salads. Sip black or green tea to get a dose of antioxidants, but don’t overdo it on sugar or milk in the tea. Snack on nuts like walnuts or pistachios and get plenty of whole grains at every meal. Eat fish rich in omega-3 like salmon, and use olive oil for salad dressings. For an indulgence, enjoy small quantities of dark chocolate and red wine for heart health benefits.

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