Treating Electrical Issues in the Heart [INFOGRAPHIC]

When most people think of electricity, they think about televisions, lights, and computers—not the human heart. However, heart rhythm problems can occur when the electrical impulses in the heart become disorganized and irregular, causing the heart to beat too fast or too slowly; this may require monitoring, medication, a procedure, or a device to help keep the heart in a normal rhythm. Heart rhythm problems, or arrhythmias, can occur in the top two chambers (the atria) or the bottom two chambers (the ventricles) of the heart. Fortunately, there are devices and procedures specifically designed to diagnose and treat heart conditions related to electrical impulses. Take a look at this infographic from Cardiac Solutions, a cardiologist in Phoenix , to learn about a few devices and procedures that help diagnose rhythm problems and keep the heart in its normal rhythm. Please share this important information about heart health with your friends and family.

Treating Electrical Issues in the Heart

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