What Is a Heart Murmur?

What Is a Heart Murmur? When your heart doctor near Phoenix listens to your heart with a stethoscope, one thing he or she is checking for is a murmur. A heart murmur usually isn’t serious, but in some cases, it can be a warning sign of heart disease. If your heart doctor detects a murmur, he or she may recommend diagnostic testing to find the cause.

A heart murmur is a noise created as blood moves through the valves in your heart. When valves are open and blood is flowing freely, murmurs are very soft. As the valves get smaller, the murmurs get louder. In most cases, heart murmurs are innocuous. They are common in young people, pregnant women, and people who are very thin and are rarely a cause for concern. However, a heart murmur can also indicate a structural heart problem or heart valve disorder that requires treatment.

If you have a heart murmur, the cardiologists at Cardiac Solutions may recommend an electrocardiogram to diagnose the cause. To learn more about the heart conditions we treat or to make an appointment, call (623) 876-8816.

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