Tips for Adjusting to a Pacemaker

An implantable cardiac device, such as a pacemaker, can dramatically improve your quality of life, but some adjustment is necessary at first. If your heart doctor recommends a pacemaker because of heart disease, he or she will give you tips on making a smooth transition. These tips will also help.

After you get a pacemaker, start by scheduling post-implantation check-ups so that your heart doctor can track the effectiveness of your device. If you hear a noise coming from your device, let your doctor know right away so he or she can make necessary adjustments. Passing through airport security and store anti-theft detectors is generally safe if you walk through swiftly and move away. Talk to your doctor about using home power tools, as some could interfere with your device.

The cardiologists in Phoenix at Cardiac Solutions can help you live with a full life with your implantable cardiac device . Whether you have recently been diagnosed with heart disease or need treatment for a heart arrhythmia, we can help. To make an appointment with one of our cardiologists, please call (623) 876-8816.

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