Heart Disease: Know the Signs

heart disease Phoenix

Cardiologists know that heart disease can progress without any noticeable signs or symptoms until a heart attack, heart arrhythmia, or congestive heart failure develops. When heart disease does cause symptoms, patients may experience angina. Angina refers to chest pain or discomfort. It occurs when there isn’t enough oxygenated blood flowing to the heart. The symptoms of angina may differ between men and women. Men are more likely to experience pressure or squeezing in the chest. These sensations may extend to the arms. While women may also experience pressure or squeezing, they frequently report sharp chest pain. Sharp or burning pain may extend to the upper abdomen or back, neck, jaw, and throat.

Cardiologists can help heart disease patients manage their conditions to reduce their risk of a heart attack or other complications. However, if new symptoms arise or existing symptoms worsen, patients should seek medical help promptly.

At Cardiac Solutions, it’s our mission to save lives throughout the West Valley by providing exceptional medical management and lifestyle counseling to patients with heart disease . To get in touch with our cardiologists near Glendale, call (623) 876-8816.

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