How to Adjust to Life After Your Heart Failure Diagnosis

congestive heart failure Phoenix Millions of people in the U.S. are living with congestive heart failure . It can be difficult to adjust to the idea that you have a life-threatening heart condition. However, you should know that there are effective treatment options available to slow the progression of heart failure. Cardiologists are healthcare providers who specialize in heart conditions. You can work with a cardiologist to adjust to your treatment plan.

Understanding Your Condition
One of the first steps to take after receiving your diagnosis of congestive heart failure is to learn more about your condition . Your cardiologist can refer you to credible sources of information. It’s particularly important that you understand the consequences of failing to adhere to your treatment plan. Heart failure increases your risk of suffering complications that can be fatal. Following your heart doctor’s treatment program can manage your risk of complications such as atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation, and stroke.

Following a Medical Management Plan
Be sure to keep all of your medical appointments, including appointments for lab work. Your heart doctor may periodically make adjustments to your medications. Always take all of your prescribed medications as directed. If you have trouble remembering to take your medicines, consider using a pill organizer and setting an alarm to remind you when it’s time for a dose. Inform the cardiologist of any side effects that you experience. Some patients may require surgical procedures, such as the implantation of a pacemaker or ICD.

Making Lifestyle Changes
Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential for slowing the progression of heart failure. Your cardiologist will provide recommendations for your daily physical activity, depending on how severe your condition is. You’ll need to avoid drinking any alcohol and you’ll need to restrict your intake of non-alcoholic fluids. Depending on your current lifestyle, you may need to quit smoking, lose weight, and improve your diet.

Patients with congestive heart failure in Phoenix and the surrounding areas are invited to join the Heart Failure Program available from Cardiac Solutions . In our HF Clinic, our providers work one-on-one with patients to improve heart health awareness, promote proper medication management, and provide recommendations for dietary choices and fluid restriction. Call our cardiologists today at (623) 876-8816 or visit our website to learn more about cardiovascular disease.

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