Myths and Facts About Pacemaker Interference

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A pacemaker is a small medical device implanted in the body to regulate heart function and by controlling or preventing heart arrhythmia. Pacemakers are used by cardiologists to treat a variety of heart conditions, including damage to the heart after a heart attack, atrial fibrillation, and some forms of congenital heart disease. Despite the fact that pacemakers are a common treatment option, many myths still surround these devices. If you have questions about your pacemaker, your heart doctor near Phoenix can provide the personalized advice and information you need.

The Myth: Pacemakers and Interference
One of the most pervasive myths that surrounds pacemaker use is the idea that any type of electronic device will interfere with the pacemaker’s function. This myth may be so prevalent because very early pacemakers were subject to interference from many types of appliances and devices, which could cause problems if these devices were not constructed properly. However, modern pacemaker and electronics technology have advanced to the point where the vast majority of devices you encounter in your everyday life pose absolutely no threat to your pacemaker’s function.

The Truth: Pacemakers and Interference
There are very few devices and electronics that are likely to cause a problem with your pacemaker . However, there are still a few technologies that could potentially interfere with your pacemaker, particularly if these devices are kept near the pacemaker for an extended period of time. Airport metal detectors are safe for individuals with pacemakers, but handheld metal detection wands should not be held near a pacemaker longer than necessary. Similarly, retail store electronic article surveillance systems are not dangerous with brief exposure, but you should avoid standing near these devices for long periods of time. Normal cell phone use will not interfere with your pacemaker, but avoid holding your phone near your chest or pacemaker as well.

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