What Are the Common Triggers for Carotid Artery Disease?

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The carotid arteries are blood vessels that carry blood and oxygen through your body to your brain. These arteries may narrow due to a build up of fatty substances, calcium, and other waste products. Carotid artery disease is very similar to coronary artery disease, which causes a build up in the arteries of the heart. Both carotid artery disease and coronary artery disease increase your risk of heart attack and congestive heart failure.

A cardiologist or heart doctor can help you recognize the common triggers or risk factors for carotid artery disease. The most common triggers are high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, and diabetes. You are also at a higher risk of developing carotid artery disease, coronary artery disease, and coronary heart disease if you have a family history of the conditions.

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