Our Cardiac Care Services

Expert Cardiologists in Phoenix

At Cardiac Solutions, we provide a wide variety of cardiac health services from an expertly-trained and experienced team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Our physician-owned practice is able to offer these services both to the general public and those who are referred to us by their primary doctors.

Your health and satisfaction as a patient is our top priority, and we are completely dedicated to total care for your heart using a personalized, team-oriented approach. With five locations throughout the West Valley, we serve patients in various parts of the greater Phoenix area, including Peoria, Sun City, Avondale, and Glendale. For more information about our Phoenix cardiologist and the cardiac care we offer, call us at (623) 876-8816.

Our cardiac services include:

  • Clinical programs: We offer a wide variety of clinical programs, including programs that focus on cholesterol management, checkups for implantable devices, heart failure prevention, and more. These programs are designed to help patients better manage their health.
  • Diagnostic testing: From ultrasounds to nuclear testing, our cardiology experts can provide an extensive range of diagnostic testing services using our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Surgical options: Do you have a diagnosis that requires surgery? We offer numerous surgical options for various types of heart-related diseases and conditions, such as coronary artery disease and structural heart disease.

Our Focus on Prevention

Preventing the progression of a disease, or complications that result from a disease, is one of our top priorities. Our goal is to provide patients with the care that they need in order to avoid admission to the hospital. We offer numerous educational opportunities through clinics that are directed by our nurse practitioners. If you want to personally learn how to lower your cholesterol levels or maybe even educate your entire family on the causes of heart failure and how to lower risk, we can help! Our courses will give you the proper tools and knowledge that are crucial to managing heart health and improving your quality of life.

Treatment Using Innovation & Advanced Technology

Are you experiencing heart complications and are searching for answers? We provide the most innovative and up-to-date diagnostic testing that will quickly and accurately find the source of your problems. This allows our healthcare practitioners to provide well-informed advice on treatment options. While not always optimal, surgery can be the best course of action for some patients. Our surgical team is highly specialized and experienced in operations that are designed to both fix and minimize the complications that arise from heart disease.

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When you receive education, diagnosis, or treatment from our medical staff at Cardiac Solutions, you can expect to work through your health issue with a caring and competent team at your side. While you are one of our patients, our cardiologists and other medical providers will offer you care that is personalized to your specific health needs. Call our Phoenix cardiologists at (623) 876-8816 schedule your appointment today!